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BlockBuster Therapy


About BlockBuster Therapy (BBT)

I call my business BlockBuster Therapy (BBT) because I use innovative and highly effective tools to clear the blocks that cause emotional and some physical issues.

Because of things that happen in our lives, we can build ‘blocks’ around certain things, which can manifest in a number of ways. Examples include anxiety, fear, phobias, poor self-esteem, over-reacting or under-reacting to situations, procrastination and addictions.

The block causing these behaviours usually come with associated negative feelings such as despair, guilt, despondency, anger, sadness, disappointment in self, worthlessness, dread, hurt, pain and more.

I take away the blocks and associated negative emotions.

All sessions are carried out online.

About Jacqui Carrel

Jacqui Carrel is an accomplished Clinical Hypnotherapist who has devised and honed the highly effective Mind Power Protocol (MPP). With her science degree and long experience in teaching, coaching, mentoring, authoring, writing and running courses, she brings a unique take to the table.

Jacqui clear people’s blocks so they feel better about themselves and can move on with strength. She does this through Mind Power Protocol, a rapid and effective treatment she developed as a result of intuition and her experience and qualifications, which include:

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)
  • Thought Field Therapy (TFTdx)
  • NLP and CBT
  • Diplomas in nutrition and aromatherapy & massage
  • Writing how-to books and courses
  • 20 years’ teaching (schools, college and Open University)
  • Science degree (2.1)

She gained much helpful insight into physical and emotional problems when she developed M.E. and suffered physical and emotional pain, extreme ongoing fatigue and weight gain. That precipitated her into further researching and adding new qualifications to her armoury.