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BlockBuster Therapy


What’s holding you back?

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, worry, anger or any other negative emotions? In the short term, these are natural emotions – but when they won’t go, they cause damage.

You can get trapped in spiralling thought patterns that won’t shift. People telling you to ‘think positive thoughts’ can be well-meant but are frustratingly unhelpful because ‘positive thinking’ doesn’t get to the root cause of an issue and you continue to suffer.

This is where BlockBuster Therapy comes in – and sessions are carried out online, so it doesn’t matter where you live!

Where do blocks occur?

Blocks can affect your emotional, physical and work-life health. They can show up in:

  • Your day-to-day life as anxiety, fears, phobias, dysmorphias, depression, poor relationships, addictions and more
  • Your work-life as ‘imposter syndrome’, cash flow, being visible and more

These blocks and their associated negative feelings can be removed with BlockBuster Therapy.

About YOU

You are at a stage in your life where you:

  • Are fed up with feeling ‘down’/angry/depressed/guilty/sad
  • Know you have blocks (even if you can’t identify them)
  • Want to remove these blocks and move on with your life
  • Are committed to a period of self-development
  • Are open to using BBT to help get you where you want to be
  • Are willing to invest in yourself

BlockBuster Therapy helps!

BlockBuster Therapy (BBT) is made for you. No two people are the same, so Jacqui uses the appropriate tools for your case, drawing from a pool of modalities, including the Mind Healing Protocol. All the methods she uses help take away your issues by clearing ‘blocks’.

Jacqui Carrel - BlockBuster Therapy
Jacqui Carrel – Your BlockBuster Therapist

Put simply, issues occur when you have a ‘block’ or ‘blocks’ around something.

  • These blocks are your mind’s way of protecting you against one or more painful or traumatic memories
  • They may have been helpful at the time, but years later they are not
  • Blocks and their associated negative feelings need to be identified and dealt with, or your issues stay with you

MHP or the Mind Healing Protocol (and also known as The Carrel Technique or TCT), was developed by successful therapist Jacqui Carrel. It has been designed to get to the nub of an issue that is holding you back and to release you from it – usually within one to two sessions.

BlockBuster Therapy rids you of the emotional blocks that are holding you back.

BBT options

  • Single-session BBT

All sessions are carried out online

Learn more about BBT

Depending on your problem, Jacqui Carrel uses a bespoke blend of techniques to take away what it is that is bothering you. Techniques include different forms of hypnotherapy* and Thought Field Therapy (or TFT/The Callahan Technique), and packages also include coaching and teaching you block-busting techniques to use at home.

*These include Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), conversational hypnosis, and her own modality, The Carrel Technique (TCT).

Learn more about the BBT-PLUS Programme

The BBT-PLUS package is designed for business people who, although good at what they do, find themselves perplexed as to why they can’t get past a certain level.

In this eight-week bespoke package:

– We identify which major block is preventing progress and remove it, along with the associated negative emotions.
– Identify where to get to next
– Leap into specific action

The 40-minute sessions are held weekly on Zoom.

Learn more about the BBT-ACCELERATOR Programme

The BBT-ACCELERATOR package is designed for entrepreneurs and business people who want to get their business to the next big level.

In this 10-month package:

– We identify which major block is preventing progress and remove it, along with the associated negative emotions.
– Identify where to get to next
– Leap into specific action
– Repeat with the next block of your choosing (x as many as you need)

The forty 40-minute sessions are an elegant, bespoke blend of BBT, instruction, coaching and mentoring.