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Book your BBT session

If you haven’t yet spoken with me and would like to do so before booking your session, you can book a free, 20-minute Discovery Call with me first. 🙂


Please make sure you do all of these things:

1. Payment
Please first make your payment via this secure form. (If you’re not sure which option to go for, contact me or set up a free Discovery Call .)
You’ll be taken to a thank you page and a link to the secure booking page.

2. Fill in the intake form
– After payment, you’ll be sent an intake form.
– Please give this careful thought and fill it in as best as you can.
– Tick/check the two boxes found in ‘Your Permissions’ and sign and date the consent part.
– Click ‘submit’.

3. Book your session
After payment, if you can’t locate the booking link, it is here.
A) The link takes you to a secure booking page; choose the appropriate booking option
B) You will see available times and days will show (and the times shown will reflect your time zone)
C) A Zoom link will be automatically generated and emailed to you
D) There is an option to leave a message should you need to do so

4. Read ‘How to get ready for your session’.

NOTE: Shortly after a session, I do ask for feedback and a testimonial (which can be anonymised) and while you don’t have to do either, they are much appreciated.


One-off sessions

One session: £497
Two sessions (with your second session within one calendar month of the first): £797


See BBT-PLUS details here.

– Tailor-made BBT, instruction, coaching and mentoring
– 1 x 40-minute session per week for 8 weeks
– £4,000


See BBT-ACCELERATOR details here.

– Tailor-made BBT, instruction, coaching and mentoring to take you to your goals (and often beyond)
– 4 x 40-minute session per month for 10 months
– £18,000