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BlockBuster Therapy

Getting ready for your BBT session

NOTE: make sure you have completed your intake form before the session starts, preferably at least 24 hours or more beforehand.

Getting ready for your session is very easy!

Make sure:
1. Your laptop or device is fully charged or plugged in
2. Your device is hands-free and propped up so I can see your head and shoulders
3. You have a light switched on if the dark or going to get dark
4. You have a comfy chair to sit in
5. You will be warm
6. You have tissues at hand (not always needed!)
7. You have been to the toilet/bathroom just beforehand
8. You will be uninterrupted by people or dings and bings from your devices (switch them off!)

Please note, you will be taken into a light hypnotic state, which you can come out of at any time. This state is a bit like being in a daydream and you remain fully in control.

I look forward to seeing you!
Best wishes