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Good health tips in threes

Good health tips in threes

My article in yesterday’s Jersey Evening Post 🙂


The nutrition information out there is often confusing; even the NHS recommendations on their website are contradictory in places and downright wrong in others.

As a result of this confusion, I’m often asked for quick and easy healthy-eating rules to remember, so here’s a list for you to print out and keep:

These tips suit vegetarians and vegans as well as fish- and meat-eaters.

++ Three top tips to success ++
1. Enjoy fresh foods and avoid all processed foods
2. Eat 2-3 good meals a day, no snacks
3. Get plenty of good sleep
– Get used to Step 1 before trying Step 2.

++ Three worst food groups ++
These cause leaky gut, inflammation and insulin resistance, causing weight gain and ill health:
1. ‘Vegetable oils’
2. Grains
3. Sugar, including fructose
– Processed/ready-made foods are the worst.
– Do not fry or roast with vegetable oils.

++ Three best food groups ++
1. Meats (including organs), oily fish, bone stocks and eggs
2. Bio-foods (kefir, live natural yoghurt, kimchee, sauerkraut, etc)
3. Fresh vegetables, savoury fruits and herbs
– Free-range, organic are the best; grow herbs on windowsill.
– Go easy on fruit; berries are best.

++ Three good ways to lose weight ++
1. Avoid starches and sugars, including processed foods and alcohol
2. Eat 2-3 meals a day and no snacks
3. Eat oily and fatty foods (fish, avocados, nuts, lamb, butter, etc)
– Essentially, you need to be aiming for lower blood sugar and insulin levels than we get from many diets.

++ Three good rules of meals ++
1. Have meals in a 6- to 12-hour window
2. Finish your last meal at least three hours before bedtime
3. Don’t count calories; count quality instead
– Make the changes over a few weeks rather than all at once.
– Plan in advance when you can.

+ + Three good ways to cook + +
1. Slowly, with a low heat (slow cooker, casserole, slow roast)
2. Steam (use the water for gravy)
3. Poach (water, milk, wine)
– Only fry at low-medium temperatures; use lard, ghee, butter and coconut oil.
– Extra-virgin olive oil is best kept for dressings, but you can use it for frying as a last resort and at a low temperature.

+ + Three things to avoid: Stress; excess screen time; loneliness.
+ + Three things to do: Move around often; get outside; make time for you.
+ + Three more things to do: Be interested; keep learning; help others.