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BlockBuster Therapy



Please note: Prices will be increasing on 1st October 2021. If you pay before then and have your sessions this year (before 3oth December), you can lock in at the current price.

Subsidised sessions

As a way of paying it forward, I have four sessions a month to offer to anyone on a low income. Please contact me for details.

Treatment sessions

Your investment
One session: £500, paid in advance.

Discount for 2-3 sessions
Two sessions (with your second session within one calendar month of the first): £800 – save £200
Three sessions (with your third session within one calendar month of the second): £1,100 – save £400 (NOTE: Rarely needed.)

You do not need to purchase a bundle at once; I am happy with you to work for one session with me and then choose whether you wish to have a further session within one calendar month at a discount.

Of course, if you purchase a bundle and your issue is resolved in the first/second session, you can use the remaining session(s) to work on another issue.

If you wish to spread sessions out over longer periods than stated above, please assume you will pay £500 for each.

Cost comparison with traditional therapies
– Traditional therapies cost anything from £40-£200+ a session, so let’s assume £80 for this example.
– Traditional therapies require you have at least 12 sessions, which are spread out weekly, twice a month or monthly, so let’s assume twice a month for this example.
– Sessions are usually 30-90 minutes, so let’s assume 60 minutes for this example.
– Some sessions are online and some in clinics; clinics can be close by or require up to several hours’ travel, so we’ll leave that out of the example, but consider:
a) What is your time worth?
b) Do you have to travel and park?
c) How much does that cost you in time and money?
– How much will it cost you in ‘incidental expenses’ (such as alcohol, tobacco, destructive pastimes, not working etc) while you spend months solving your issue? Of course, that may not be a problem, so we won’t include it in the calculation.

++ 12 sessions at £80 = £960
++ Plus time: 12 x 60 minutes = 12 hours. (What is your time worth?)
++ Time to get better: 6 months, often more (What is it costing you not to be better?)
= £960 + 10 hours session time + time and money lost because of your issue
NOTE: You may also add travel costs and time + costs such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, destructive pastimes, not working, etc.


See BBT-PLUS details here.

– Tailor-made BBT, instruction, coaching and mentoring
– 1 x 40-minute session per week for 8 weeks
– £4,000


See BBT-ACCELERATOR details here.

– Tailor-made BBT, instruction, coaching and mentoring to take you to your goals (and often beyond)
– 4 x 40-minute session per month for 10 months
– £18,000