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Even greater personal liberty

Even greater personal liberty

When I started with Jacqui Carrel, I did not know what to expect but each session with her allowed me to delve deeper and deeper into areas I did not even know existed. At one point, I went back several generations to highlight a situation of sheer terror, with which I was able to come to terms and leave behind. At another session, I found myself back in early my infancy, when I was not even at a speaking age. Yet, I could verbalise what I was feeling and unable to express in words at that time. I had absorbed the heartbreak, buried it and unknowingly had allowed it to fester at a deep, uncomfortable level over time.

Being able to face and dismantle these previously invisible blocks have been enormously helpful to me, in removing boulders which had hindered my freedom to express myself fully. I considered myself courageous but there was a gossamer thin veil stopping me from saying my full truths.

This subconscious filter has now been removed, thanks to these incredibly effective, life changing sessions.

I would definitely recommend this therapy to anyone who wishes to move on in life but feels anchored in some way. It has meant even greater personal liberty for me and the ability to forgive myself has meant that I feel a million times happier in just being me. Everyone should have access to this form of therapy because we do not know what we do not know – and Jacqui Carrel is a brilliant catalyst for not just change, but upgrading.