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Her words are so powerful

Her words are so powerful

I went to Jacqui to help me deal with anxiety that seemed to be related to a quite specific area relating to charging for my services that I provide, and the worry of getting it wrong. The anxiety was actually stopping me moving forward and presented me with physical symptoms.  

I was really tired with the anxiety and whilst my logical brain was able to see how detrimental to me it was, I wasn’t able to get rid of the brain chatter that led to the anxiety.

Jacqui was really skilled in relaxing me and getting to the root of the problem, working with me to figure out why this problem was there and where it came from in my life.

She was always on my side during the process and kept reassuring me that there was nothing to fear and much to look forward to. She helped me get to why I might have some of the physical symptoms.

Her voice is so peaceful to listen to and her words are so powerful, I have had a huge change in my mindset, my anxiety has decreased dramatically and I went on the confidently speak with a client about my services and fees, this had been huge stumbling block before I went to Jacqui.

The physical symptoms are gone, and I hadn’t even realised it, I just thought about it one day and they weren’t there.

For me Jacqui would be the first person I would go to if I needed help with another issue, I highly recommend her.