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My life has been upgraded!

My life has been upgraded!

I approached Jacqui Carrel because I was struggling with muscle pain. It had been with me for many years but had got worse in the last five. No matter what I did I could not shift it for any length of time.

During the session, I experienced the most incredibly powerful experience of realising I had been carrying fear in my body and that fear had belonged to my mother and I had felt it in the womb. Knowing it was not my fear and releasing it was nothing short of life-altering.

I’m also experiencing these benefits:

  • My muscle pain has been melting away since.
  • I now have the awareness of how I hold myself and how it’s related to what I am experiencing emotionally.
  • Not only has the muscle pain dissipated but I have such a sense of peace and calm now that I almost don’t recognise myself.

My life has been upgraded!

Jacqui has a remarkable talent for putting you at ease.

She is a thoughtful and patient therapist and incredibly talented at getting to the root of the problem.

I am very grateful to Jacqui. My session was profoundly powerful. I will never forget it. Thank you Jacqui.