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The results were immediate!

The results were immediate!

Tracey Melanowich - RTT testimonial for Jacqui Carrel

I wanted to present more professionally and get out and do some speaking engagements, which I was very hesitant to do. I wanted to be better organized and have the memory, drive and confidence to do more promotion.

 deep insights into things in my past memories that I didn’t realize were related to my current issue of procrastinating on moving ahead with business.

I would absolutely recommend Jacqui! She was so professional and knowledgeable and she just picked up on every detail of what I wanted.   I never felt so understood! I am so happy and pleased with the results.  They were immediate – I woke up the next morning feeling just invigorated and motivated to get out the things I had been putting off before so I highly recommend you see Jacqui!