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BlockBuster Therapy


These are just some of the many testimonials from people who have worked with Jacqui Carrel.
A few took two sessions and the rest, one session each.
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It was awesome!

I experienced Jacqui’s BBT Therapy the other day and it was awesome!  She made me feel really relaxed.  We actually got to the root cause of why I have been procrastinating and now I understand why I can get to work on overcoming the issue.

I would highly recommend Jacqui and thank you so much, your work is incredible. X
Carole McDougall, UK

I experienced a calm sense of clarity & guidance

I approached Jacqui Carrel because…
I was looking to make some positive emotional shifts around some mental blocks in my business & know she is very well qualified.
During the session(s) I experienced…
I experienced a calm sense of clarity & guidance. There was a lovely wonder & excitement to Jacqui’s process journey, & I felt peacefully safe throughout.
I am also experiencing these benefits…
I felt, & still feel, eager & enthused to address my business challenges, & know I’m not too far from home if I should feel like reigniting that passion based on the tools & resources Jacqui has given me. She also follows up post session which is a nice touch.
Would you recommend Jacqui Carrel and why?
For anyone wishing to make any significant improvements in their mental & emotional well-being, I’d highly recommend Jacqui Carrel.
Jacqui brings a wealth of life wisdom & extensive skillsets to the table, which when combined with her personable & caring nature, not only packs for a powerful client-centred & results-focused session, but is equally delivered with an authentic grace 🙏🏽
If you’re sitting on the fence, then jump in, because Jacqui eloquently allows you, to get to know you, better! 😊
Isidro da Mata, Jersey

My life has been upgraded!

I approached Jacqui Carrel because I was struggling with muscle pain. It had been with me for many years but had got worse in the last five. No matter what I did I could not shift it for any length of time.

During the session, I experienced the most incredibly powerful experience of realising I had been carrying fear in my body and that fear had belonged to my mother and I had felt it in the womb. Knowing it was not my fear and releasing it was nothing short of life-altering.

I’m also experiencing these benefits:

  • My muscle pain has been melting away since.
  • I now have the awareness of how I hold myself and how it’s related to what I am experiencing emotionally.
  • Not only has the muscle pain dissipated but I have such a sense of peace and calm now that I almost don’t recognise myself.

My life has been upgraded!

Jacqui has a remarkable talent for putting you at ease. She is a thoughtful and patient therapist and incredibly talented at getting to the root of the problem.

I am very grateful to Jacqui. My RTT session was profoundly powerful. I will never forget it. Thank you Jacqui.

PH, England
PH, England

What I discovered just blew my mind!

Before I met Jacqui, I was suffering from bloating and gas, often in the most embarrassing situations. I had already made a lot of changes to my diet and lifestyle, but some IBS remained and I couldn’t figure out why.

Jacqui guided me to scenes from the past that explained why my subconscious thought it was a good idea to give me IBS. What I discovered just blew my mind! It allowed me to let go of the IBS immediately and it hasn’t returned since.

I would absolutely recommend Jacqui. She is a warm, knowledgeable and empathetic person with a big heart and a phenomenal therapist!


Bianca Riemer

The results were immediate!

Tracey Melanowich - RTT testimonial for Jacqui Carrel

I wanted to present more professionally and get out and do some speaking engagements, which I was very hesitant to do. I wanted to be better organized and have the memory, drive and confidence to do more promotion.

 deep insights into things in my past memories that I didn’t realize were related to my current issue of procrastinating on moving ahead with business.

I would absolutely recommend Jacqui! She was so professional and knowledgeable and she just picked up on every detail of what I wanted.   I never felt so understood! I am so happy and pleased with the results.  They were immediate – I woke up the next morning feeling just invigorated and motivated to get out the things I had been putting off before so I highly recommend you see Jacqui!


Tracey Malanowich, Canada

I could join my kids on mountains in Spain

I went to Jacqui because of my fear of heights, which was affecting my family life because I couldn’t join in properly on all our trips. Just one RTT session took away my fear.

I cannot say I now actively enjoy heights, but I am no longer fearful of them – I even went up in a helicopter!

I am so grateful to Jacqui because I could join my kids on mountains in Spain.

Heidi, Europe

Even greater personal liberty

When I started with Jacqui Carrel, I did not know what to expect but each session with her allowed me to delve deeper and deeper into areas I did not even know existed. At one point, I went back several generations to highlight a situation of sheer terror, with which I was able to come to terms and leave behind. At another session, I found myself back in early my infancy, when I was not even at a speaking age. Yet, I could verbalise what I was feeling and unable to express in words at that time. I had absorbed the heartbreak, buried it and unknowingly had allowed it to fester at a deep, uncomfortable level over time.

Being able to face and dismantle these previously invisible blocks have been enormously helpful to me, in removing boulders which had hindered my freedom to express myself fully. I considered myself courageous but there was a gossamer thin veil stopping me from saying my full truths.

This subconscious filter has now been removed, thanks to these incredibly effective, life changing sessions.

I would definitely recommend this therapy to anyone who wishes to move on in life but feels anchored in some way. It has meant even greater personal liberty for me and the ability to forgive myself has meant that I feel a million times happier in just being me. Everyone should have access to this form of therapy because we do not know what we do not know – and Jacqui Carrel is a brilliant catalyst for not just change, but upgrading.


It was like the brakes had been released

This testimonial isn’t directly about me, but the experience my partner had with Jacqui’s RTT certainly had an impact.

My partner is by nature quite cautious about things she doesn’t understand, so when I mentioned RTT to her, she was a bit sceptical.

But having tried so many other different things over the past few years, she felt like she had nothing to lose.

And we’re both so glad that she did!

After only one session, the transformation was absolutely mind blowing. I have never seen such a shift in mindset and belief happen so quickly.

For what had been various roadblocks for years, it was like the brakes had been released.

I’ll be honest, I too didn’t think it would work so quickly, but things changed literally overnight!

As part of the support offered by Jacqui, my partner listens to recordings on a daily basis which Jacqui makes for her. This keeps her topped up and on the right path.

It’s quite phenomenal to see how powerful RTT is, and the potential is so big for so many people.

Truly disruptive in all the right ways!

Keep up the great work Jacqui.

Andy Brown

…sense of calm and personal control

How do you treat an issue when you’re not quite clear what it is? I had a session with Jacqui, and not only did I quickly get clarity on the issue, but very soon was able to address the problem calmly and rationally.

I would say that sense of calm and personal control was the overwhelming feeling I was left with,

and I would recommend Jacqui to anyone who feels they need more of this in their lives.

RG, Jersey, Channel Islands

It was phenomenal to say the least!

Today I experienced Jacqui’s BBT Therapy. What can I say? It was phenomenal to say the least!

I have never experienced anything like it. Throughout the whole experience Jacqui was with me as though she was holding my hands. She guided me every step of the way. I felt safe.

Before we started I was experiencing worry, guilt and fear on the 10th level. By the time we had finished, I was at 0 with all those things!!!

Jacqui has given me tools to use on myself should I need to.

I feel as though I have been freed from all the blocks I had and the things that were holding me back have dispersed.

I am excited for the future, 🙂 and feel at peace.

I would thoroughly recommend Jacqui’s BBT Therapy as it is so powerful, you will NOT regret it! It is priceless!


The mind shift was immediate

I reached out to Jacqui as I had seen that she had her new technique called BlockBuster and just felt drawn to try this as I had returned to study as a mature age student but now with children with many thoughts of ‘What the heck am I doing?’ Which was crossing my mind more than one.

Jacqui’s caring and encouraging nature allowed me to go into a deep trance more easier than I thought I would with me visualising the ‘reasons’ for these blocks very clearly.

The language change and the mind shift was immediate and completely clearing these blocks has cascaded into other areas on my life since.

I’m so thankful that I found Jacqui at this time to help me before it may have been too late and I had given up on my studies.

Something that seems so simple and that I ‘knew’ what to do or what I needed but the experience and passion of Jacqui guiding me on a sub-conscious level was NEXT level.

Thanks you so much Jacqui x

Melissa Jane, Australia

She has a really great intuitive skill

Raymond - testimonial for Jacqui Carrel - BlockBuster TherapyI approached Jacqui Carrel because I wanted to get some help remembering things as I feel like I really struggle to. I am dyspraxic and dyslexic and find myself getting angry and agitated over the thought of trying to remember.

During the session, I felt the feelings above arise as they always do and I felt it in my head.

As the session progressed I seemed more calm and more relaxed. The negative associations had died down.

[I am also experiencing these benefits]: I feel quietly assured to just take things in and remember. I feel at ease with the thought that I will remember things if reading.

[Would you recommend Jacqui Carrel?]: Absolutely I would.  She is Very intuitive, makes you feel relaxed with her experience, knowledge and gentle demeanour.

I think she has a really great intuitive skill here that I would like to see her for other things in the future.


I’d highly recommend working with Jacqui

I had a BBT Rapid Session with Jacqui and felt safe and hugely relaxed throughout.

I was amazed at how quickly it changed how I felt about certain things!

I’d highly recommend working with Jacqui.


Jacqui, you are the best

I am a Mum of a 15 month old toddler and have therefore little time to have any therapy sessions or coaching. Having heard of Jacqui Carrel’s BBT INSTANT sessions* and having read her reviews, I decided to book myself in for one to see if she could help me with my unhealthy dynamics in my relationship.

Jacqui has a calming, reassuring approach. She guided me by asking just the right questions. Soon I found out that my block was a lack of self worth and I asked to work on that. Following that break-through, Jacqui was able to work on my block straight away and I immediately felt a shift.

3 days later I have now noticed that I am making healthier choices for myself.

Today I returned something to the shop that I now realise was an impulse buy and I have come to a great learning that in the past years I have created a considerable amount of personal debt due to various unhealthy financial decisions based on impulse buys and people pleasing because I didn’t feel enough.

The penny dropped and though it was a very hard truth to admit to myself, thanks to Jacqui I now no longer feel the need for such addictive behaviours.

Jacqui, you are the best.

[*Usually for a BBT-INSTANT session, the block someone wants to work on is decided on and sent in advance, thus making the session very short; in this case, the client wanted to work it out during the session.]

Lisa, Malvern, UK

From procrastination to motivation!

I felt very curious about Jacqui Carrel’s BBT-INSTANT method and asked to work on my block that had so far held me back from being able to live a successful and fulfilled life: my issue with procrastination. This has been a major issue in developing and successfully running my own business as well as sabotaging important projects in the past and I wanted to sort these two things for once and for all.

Well, the session promised to be successful and brief and boy did it fulfill both of these promises! To my complete surprise, it took Jacqui less than 10 minutes to locate the block and remove it for good.

Initially I felt completely perplexed with a sense of relief. It took me a couple of days to integrate the changes and ever since then I’ve been feeling this beautiful urge to achieve things daily. I wake up feeling motivated and actually get stuff done – no excuse can stop me anymore.

I am literally baffled and extremely impressed.

Thank you Jacqui for changing my life. This is a big leap for me that I’ve tried to achieve with various methods before and they had all failed. I feel beyond grateful.

Miriam, Birmingham, UK

To experience this therapy first hand was a revelation

I approached Jacqui because I had some issues whose origins I was unclear about and she explained that the therapy didn’t require me to be specific with her about this, and neither did I have to share anything I didn’t want to.

With the starting point of the therapy being based on what emotions I was feeling, I was able to be open and honest.

Even the Classic process was remarkably quick and straightforward, and by the end of it I found it difficult to imagine the weight I had been feeling around the problem and I felt I could now overcome it with confidence and ease.

It also helped me address some possibly related issues over the next few days – with the way the process works I was able to revisit old events and issues with new eyes and new ‘tools’.

I think of myself as a rational sceptic, so to experience this therapy first hand was a revelation. I would urge anyone who feels they could possibly benefit from Jacqui’s help to contact her, because she almost certainly can help you, too.

RE, Jersey

Jacqui is an absolute wonderful therapist

Jacqui is an absolute wonderful therapist. She has this calm and reassuring presence that made me feel safe from moment one.

I was asking Jacqui for help with an issue that I have been carrying along for a very long time. Since I have experienced different hypnosis-modalities I was very excited to see and experience Jacqui’s very own blockbuster therapy. It was very fascinating how she figured out the deep root of the issue in just one hour.

The emotional release I had from that session was immense!

I am so grateful, Jacqui and very excited to see how your method will help so many people. Thank you!


Lena Büchele, Germany

If you have an opportunity to work with Jacqui, absolutely take it

Natasha, UK, has a BlockBuster Therapy session with Jacqui Carrel

I went to see Jacqui for a block buster session after feeling stuck in a particular area in my business. I was struggling to get clarity on my niche and the more I pushed for clarity the more I felt stuck.

I had started to feel annoyed at myself and was putting pressure on myself- which I knew was not helping.

In just a one hour session Jacqui was able to expertly help me get rid of all of the negative emotions surrounding the lack of clarity.

I feel so much better already and without the negative emotions clouding my situation I know I will be able to come to a resolution much more quickly.

If you have an opportunity to work with Jacqui, absolutely take it.

Natasha, UK

I felt a huge weight had been removed from my mind

Jacqui introduced me to her Business BlockBuster course which was of great interest to me as I was aware of areas in my business that were causing me issues. Through that I became aware of her BlockBuster Therapy and decided to have a session.

It was a very surreal experience. I was aware of myself watching on as my mind retreated to an inner depth and confronted some deep seated issues – in my case – put there by someone else . With a little difficulty I was able to break down these barriers and replace with a positive and relevant image .

At the end of the session I felt a huge weight had been removed from my mind . I felt a strong positivity and a calmness.

In the days following my session I have moved forward with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear focus .

I would strongly recommend a session with Jacqui if you need help to move forward , combat your fears / emotions in specific areas of your life . She is highly professional in her approach , will treat you with respect and guide you through the process in a calm , confident manner that encourages you to fully embrace the process and thus gain fully from it .

Elizabeth Dutton, Kings Lynn, UK

A divinely-guided shift

In my session with Jacqui I chose to look at some emotions I have been feeling lately, which have been holding me back in experiencing true happiness in my life.

During our online session Jacqui created a safe space and was able to get to the root cause quickly and with ease.

I felt divinely guided as she helped me shift these dark emotions into feelings of empowerment and safety.

Thank you so much Jacqui, I felt a great shift straight after the session and know this will be a long lasting change.’


I’d highly recommend working with Jacqui

[Helen is an entrepreneur who needs to use social media.]
Before working with Jacqui I was feeling blocked, and I was procrastinating over posting on social media. I’ve worked with other therapists in the past on similar issues but never found the root cause before.

Jacqui expertly guided me to find the root of the issue, addressing the emotions associated with it and healing old, deep issues.

Since our session I feel so much more insightful, the block has gone and I realise that it was trying to help me find my true purpose.

I found working with Jacqui deeply transformative and throughout our time working together I felt fully supported and safe to share what came up.

I’d highly recommend working with Jacqui on any issues that are holding you back in your life or business, and know that you are in safe hands.

Helen H, UK

It was a deeply moving and fascinating experience

When I approached Jacqui I had been struggling in my marriage, repeating unhealthy patterns in conflict situations and driving my wife away from me. And that despite having been trained as a coach myself!

In our session, Jacqui quickly helped me narrow the focus and we identified the block that kept me from accessing my own emotions and intuition. It was a deeply moving and fascinating experience to connect with this part of myself and let the block go.

Throughout the process Jacqui was very sensitive and intuitive in guiding me to my innermost limiting beliefs about myself.

Thank you, Jacqui, for handing me the key to my intuition and healthy relationships with my wife and children going forward!




 Sebastian, Germany

The problem disappeared in just one session!

I went to Jacqui for help with migraines which I knew were being caused by emotional stress, I had been having them everyday for a week which was severely affecting me progressing with vital marketing for my business.

I wasn’t consciously aware of what was the probable cause of the emotional stress but after a discussion with Jacqui in one of her business groups, it clicked that the migraines coincided with the start of me attending online networking groups to promote my business.

As I wasn’t consciously aware of what the block was around networking, Jacqui had to do some great detective work to find out what the blocks were that were causing the emotional stress and the migraines, once we had found them it was just a case of Jacqui using powerful techniques to clear them and that was the amazing part!

It was so amazing that when Jacqui asked me a week or so later how I was feeling, I couldn’t even remember what the problem was because I didn’t have it anymore, she even had to remind me.

This magnified the results for me and my gratitude to Jacqui for her skills and compassion



Juanita, Exeter, UK

I would absolutely recommend Jacqui

I approached Jacqui because I felt like I needed help with some deep rooted self esteem issues that were having an impact on both my personal and business life.

The session was amazing, Jacqui explained the whole process and made me feel completely at ease.

I noticed the differences immediately after the session, I just felt like I had finally found my voice again and put to rest issues from my childhood.

I now have more confidence and less anxiety. 

I would absolutely recommend Jacqui to anyone who feels like they are stuck and just can’t get past their issue,  whether they know what it is or not.

Rachna Stear

My life has been upgraded!

I approached Jacqui Carrel because I was struggling with muscle pain. It had been with me for many years but had got worse in the last five. No matter what I did I could not shift it for any length of time.

During the session, I experienced the most incredibly powerful experience of realising I had been carrying fear in my body and that fear had belonged to my mother and I had felt it in the womb. Knowing it was not my fear and releasing it was nothing short of life-altering.

I’m also experiencing these benefits:

  • My muscle pain has been melting away since.
  • I now have the awareness of how I hold myself and how it’s related to what I am experiencing emotionally.
  • Not only has the muscle pain dissipated but I have such a sense of peace and calm now that I almost don’t recognise myself.

My life has been upgraded!

Jacqui has a remarkable talent for putting you at ease.

She is a thoughtful and patient therapist and incredibly talented at getting to the root of the problem.

I am very grateful to Jacqui. My session was profoundly powerful. I will never forget it. Thank you Jacqui.


Jacqui, you are my go to Therapist

I went to Jacqui after I was triggered by a person I came into contact with, this person has no blame attached to them. What was triggered was overwhelming feelings of Insecurity, feeling threatened, intimidated, not as good as this person, the feelings were so powerful that I couldn’t continue with the meeting.

It is a feeling that is familiar, and I have experienced it many times in the past and knew I didn’t want to continue to have this reaction.

So I asked Jacqui for help, I have been to her before for an unrelated issue and she helped me so much I knew she could help me with this.

We looked in detail at what had happened and what my reactions were at the time and then looked in detail at where these feelings originally came from because they didn’t just start like that somewhere in my life I made a connection between these types of people and those feelings.

Jacqui guided me through some difficult memories and feelings, with compassion, skill and empathy.

I felt safe and in control whilst exploring my subconscious for the root of this issue, together we found it!  So I was able to see that I have no need to be triggered by those people because the belief it is attached to is old and outdated.

Jacqui supported me to get rid of this belief and I was able to interact with that same person and feel good about myself and them.

Many thanks Jacqui you are my go to Therapist should I need any further help.


 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jacqui

In my younger years my weight was something I never had to worry about, and if I did put on a few pounds I had the self -discipline to get back on track.

I have been struggling with my weight for a number of years now, the diet starts every Monday morning and is over by Monday night. I have no-one to blame for this but myself I know.

I met Jacqui through an online entrepreneurial membership site and had seen her posts about her therapy, we got talking at social event, I wasn’t overly convinced, but what did I have to lose?

Less than a week after my session I met Jacqui at another social event, I wore a dress I haven’t even looked let alone worn in 2 years, I felt fantastic, my confidence had returned, this had made a difference to so many areas of my life.

The impact this has had on me is truly amazing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jacqui and the power of her therapy sessions, it has sorted my weight issue and made me think differently about myself – so much so that Jacqui and I have also worked on other areas of life that need addressing.


Her words are so powerful

I went to Jacqui to help me deal with anxiety that seemed to be related to a quite specific area relating to charging for my services that I provide, and the worry of getting it wrong. The anxiety was actually stopping me moving forward and presented me with physical symptoms.  

I was really tired with the anxiety and whilst my logical brain was able to see how detrimental to me it was, I wasn’t able to get rid of the brain chatter that led to the anxiety.

Jacqui was really skilled in relaxing me and getting to the root of the problem, working with me to figure out why this problem was there and where it came from in my life.

She was always on my side during the process and kept reassuring me that there was nothing to fear and much to look forward to. She helped me get to why I might have some of the physical symptoms.

Her voice is so peaceful to listen to and her words are so powerful, I have had a huge change in my mindset, my anxiety has decreased dramatically and I went on the confidently speak with a client about my services and fees, this had been huge stumbling block before I went to Jacqui.

The physical symptoms are gone, and I hadn’t even realised it, I just thought about it one day and they weren’t there.

For me Jacqui would be the first person I would go to if I needed help with another issue, I highly recommend her.



Nothing short of incredible

Jacqui is a caring, professional and insightful therapist.

In just one session she helped me to shift old beliefs about food and the difference to my life has been enormous.

The session she gave me was nothing short of incredible, which combined with her expertise in nutrition made the whole process amazing.

I cannot recommend her enough!

Thank you so much, Jacqui.


Empathy and excellent support

I approached Jacqui Carrel because I had a love affair with my fridge – I found myself spending mindless amounts of time eating and nibbling without a thought.  It had to stop!  I was subconsciously eating and putting on weight.

During the sessions, I experienced good empathy and excellent support.

Well…. I’m no longer fridge raiding, my eating is under control and I feel good in my self.

I recommend Jacqui.  She’s patient, she listens and her method has worked for me!



I was blown away … and feel absolutely brilliant!

I was in a place of great frustration due to long-standing procrastination with exercise. My self-esteem and drive were diminishing and I was seeking to understand why and, consequently change my mindset.

I was blown away by how I came to understand the root causes of my ‘lethargy’.

Jacqui facilitated some amazing insights I got about myself – Some of these discoveries were from places I never expected but she did an amazing job helping me understand how my past has lead me to where I was until recently.

I was so relaxed because Jacqui earned my trust very quickly by being thorough in her understanding of what I wanted and how the session would roll out.

Less than a week following our session I almost effortlessly reengaged with exercise and feel great about myself, as well as losing an inch off my waist and picking up my dumbbells again!

You need to speak to Jacqui directly to understand what a calming and confident therapist she is.

I committed to working with her as she neither under or over promised on what her skills could do for me. She clarified all my questions before we started and managed my expectations really well.

I feel absolutely brilliant and quite proud of my self now as these habits feel permanent.

My huge thanks to Jacqui.

Mike Andrews, UK